Feature in The Times

July 2020
Carlene quoted in The Times, discussing how small businesses are assessing the UK chancellor’s plan to boost employment.

Profiled in Forbes

September 2020
Carlene discusses investing in employee personal brands

Expert feature in IT Pro webinar and article

July 2020
Carlene was quoted in the latest IT Pro article on tech industry careers, along with a guest panellist spot in their webinar series. IT Pro is a leading technology news and reviews hub for IT professionals.

Interview with journalist Jan Cavelle

July 2020

Carlene was interviewed by journalist Jan Cavelle as part of her Entrepreneurs series. In the interview, Cavelle explores Carlene’s unconventional upbringing, her struggle with dyslexia, and her approach as CEO of Cloud9 Insight.

Guest feature in Small Business

October 2020

Carlene discusses the benefits of incorporating a subscription plan into your business.

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Remote working feature in the iNews

October 2020

Carlene talks remote working abroad in the i Paper.

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Feature in The Interface

October 2020

Carlene discusses the transformative power of both technology and company culture. 

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Guest article in HAYS magazine

October 2020

Carlene discusses the benefit of a neurodiverse workforce.

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Lunchtime interview with BBC Sussex

October 2020

Carlene talks to BBC Radio Sussex for Dyslexia Awareness Week. 

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Profile in Family Friendly Working

October 2020

Carlene discusses neurodiversity in business as part of Dyslexia Awareness Week.

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Lunchtime interview with BBC Sussex

October 2020

Carlene talks to BBC Radio Sussex for Dyslexia Awareness Week. 

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Profile in Family Friendly Working

October 2020

Carlene discusses neurodiversity in business as part of Dyslexia Awareness Week.

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Evening interview with BBC World

September 2020

Carlene talks to BBC World for Dyslexia Awareness Week.

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Career Advice at Generation Tribe event

October 2020

Carlene offers free support and career advice for young people at an online event

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Get ready for the post-coronavirus workplace

We Are The City l August 2020

Carlene Jackson speaks to We Are The City to give her top tips for returning back to work and integrating the new ways of thinking we have all learned from remote working over the last few months.

She believes: “The battle is over: cloud is king.” So, “we can take this opportunity to rethink everything about how our businesses are run. This is a golden opportunity – take it.”

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Carlene Jackson talks about ending relationships with clients or partners

IDG Connect l August 2020 

Carlene talks to IDG Connect about what happens when a professional relationship is not as beneficial as you thought it may be.

The most crucial aspect to a successful partnership is cultural alignment. If after attempts to forge a successful partnership it is not working out, Carlene believes that it should be like ending any other relationships and provides her top tips for a clean split.

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Agility, innovation and diversity in the modern workplace

The Digital Insight Podcast l August 2020

Carlene Jackson spoke to The Digital Insight podcast about the vital role of diversity in the modern workplace. As a dyslexic entrepreneur, she recognizes the importance of neurodiversity within businesses to optimize creative and strategic thinking.

She also talks about cloud technology enabling business agility in times of crisis.

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Carlene Jackson speaks to The Times about how to be a digital nomad in the COVID era

The Times l August 2020 

Carlene’s upbringing, in Dublin, the Scottish Highlands and some of her teen years spent in the Caribbean, has inspired her to embrace remote working. Carlene has moved, with her husband and 3 children, back to Annecy in France where she set up Cloud9 10 years ago.

“Running my business remotely from Annecy has worked. I get up early to work, the kids are remotely home schooled, and then we all stop and spend time together. The key has been empowering my employees to take decisions without me, lots of business owners just don’t feel confident enough to do that, and if you haven’t empowered your team you will become a bottleneck for decisions.”

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Carlene Jackson quoted on how to manage people involved in acquisitions and mergers

Acquisitions International l August 2020

Carlene gives her top tips on how to ensure a smooth acquisition and ensure that the two companies can merge well. She believes that you need to focus on people first and ensure clear communication throughout the process, whilst looking to create a CRM platform that will allow all client information to be found in one place.
She says: “As you begin to integrate the two businesses, you’ll need to start spelling out your vision of the future to all concerned. Successful M&A find efficiencies and economies of scale, but these only occur once the human side of things – staff and customers – are taken care of. I’ve seen acquisitions go well and also very badly. Integration takes time, but you need to get moving right from day one.”
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Feature in The Times

July 2020

Carlene was was quoted in The Times newspaper, discussing how small businesses are assessing the UK chancellor’s plan to boost employment post-COVID. READ MORE (paywall)

Should you do an unpaid internship? l July 2020

Carlene Jackson spoke to Top University about why students should consider taking an unpaid apprenticeship. Despite their unpopularity with students she said. “Even if the student does not get paid, they still need to appreciate that there is a huge investment for a company to train up any student.”

Carlene believes that the competitive advantage offered when applying to top firms with the functional skills that you gain from an internship is invaluable.

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European Digital Week 2020

Di Tech Media l August 2020


Carlene Jackson is announced as a speaker at this year’s biggest European digital conference.

She will be running a session entitled: Innovative approaches to empowering your team – Leveraging your purpose and culture to create high-performing teams.

Carlene is featured alongside many other digital pioneers and is thrilled to be featuring on the programme of this E-leadership conference focused on Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies.

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Interview with journalist Jan Cavelle

July 2020

Carlene was interviewed by journalist Jan Cavelle as part of her Entrepreneurs series. In the interview, Cavelle explores Carlene’s unconventional upbringing, her struggle with dyslexia, and her approach as CEO of Cloud9 Insight. READ MORE

Thank goodness for children who gatecrash video calls l 14th July 2020

Carlene Jackson writes for about the humanizing impact of working from home, and the interruptions that may invite. Carlene herself has 3 children, and another team member also shared his toddler’s first steps live on our weekly team catchup.

She says “Business leaders should be proactive in ensuring work and family life are healthy and inclusive. Staff with dependents should be given greater flexibility and they need to feel confident to raise family issues, without feeling they will be punished for doing so.”


Expert feature in IT Pro webinar and article

July 2020

Carlene was quoted in the latest IT Pro article on tech industry careers, along with a guest panellist spot in their webinar series. IT Pro is a leading technology news and reviews hub for IT professionals. READ MORE 

Thankful for kids on video calls in Minutehack article

June 2020

Carlene wrote an article for Minutehack, being thankful for children who gatecrash Zoom and Teams calls. In the article, Carlene expresses the relief that lockdown has brought, where employees are no longer afraid to hide their home lives during work time. READ MORE

Carlene Jackson speaks on Female Founders podcast

CUTalks l July 2020

Carlene spoke on Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club’s CUTalks podcast on her career background with dyslexia, insights on people management, hiring apprentices and offers advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs.

 Listen to the full recording 

Cloud9 Insight were consulted as Dynamics365 expert on latest Evosoft webinar

Evosoft l July 2020

Zoe England, Partnerships Director, spoke about Cloud9’s success with the Microsoft Dynamics Platform and how they have been implementing the latest integrations.

She also speaks about the importance of cultural alignment when establishing a partnership, with our partners – Evosoft.

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Dyslexia is a gift that’s helped me in business

MinuteHack l Interviews – June 2019

“I consider my dyslexia to be a gift that’s helped me in business,” says Carlene Jackson, founder and CEO of Cloud9 Insight. “If you’re dyslexic, you can never truly fail, because you simply accept that succeeding first time may not happen so you’re going to have to find a way around the problem.”

Celebrating the UK's Top 25 SME Culture Leaders

Real Business l  – July 2019

“This year we brought together an expert panel of company culture aficionados to decide the top 25 SME Culture Leaders in the UK. (…) In a bid to highlight the benefits of investing in workplace culture for UK SMEs, we paired with Breathe to create the Top 25 SME Culture Leaders 2019. 

Interview tips in Tech Republic article

June 2020

Carlene was quoted in the latest article by Tech Republic on how to bounce back after losing a job in the tech sector. TechRepublic is an online trade publication and social community for IT professionals, with advice on best practices and tools for the day-to-day needs of IT decision-makers. READ MORE 

Talking Zoom etiquette to Ulster Bank

June 2020

Carlene was quoted in the latest article by Ulster Bank on the dos and don’ts of video calling. Online videoconferencing has become vital to keep communications going during the coronavirus outbreak – but it can bring a host of new challenges. READ MORE

Smaller Cloud Firms in the COVID-era

Computer Weekly l June 2020

Carlene Jackson spoke to Computer Weekly about how smaller cloud firms have coped during the tough economic climate of the COVID-era. Yet, the rapid onset of remote working has increased demand for cloud-based services by exposing holes in the infrastructure of businesses.

Carlene believes: “I think for a lot of cloud businesses – as long as their brand is good and they haven’t had to furlough people – there is a lot of opportunity for them right now”

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How I went from earning 15k to 45k in 2 years

Jobs & Careers Magazine with Karen Brady l June 2020 

Carlene is an advocate for tech apprenticeship as founder of Vantage Academy, a government-approved apprenticeship provider.

Emily Wise, a former Cloud9 Insight apprentice, spoke to Jobs & Careers Magazine with Karen Brady about how her time at Cloud9 shaped the trajectory of her future career. She says: “My apprenticeship has been a vital stepping stone in getting me to where I am today – and above all, I’m debt free and earning an amazing amount of money compare with others my age.”

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Championing flexible working in Boundless article

June 2020

“Carlene was quoted in the latest article by Boundless on how public sector employers can thank their employees. Boundless is a membership club dedicated to helping the public sector and civil service make the most of their time and money. READ MORE 

Talking stress reduction to Business Works

May 2020

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Carlene listed her top five tips for reducing stress in Business Works. READ MORE

Discussing dream jobs in KISS Magazine

May 2020

Carlene was featured in Irish teen magazine KISS, talking about her dream job as CEO of Cloud9 Insight. As part of their ‘How I Got My Job’ series, Dublin-born Carlene talks about the various steps in her career that led her to where she is today. READ MORE 

Carlene Jackson speaks to The Times about inclusivity in isolation

The Times l 21st May 2020

Carlene set up a competition for all team members to be put into teams and brainstorm how to invest a potential £100k investment in the business to encourage input from all levels of the business to increase engagement.

 “The market is changing and I feel that our business strategy should have input from all levels of the business, inclusive of all ages, with younger people and newer recruits contributing equally to those in leadership positions.”

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How partnering has boosted Cloud9 Insight’s profits by 60% in 1 year

Enterprise League l 12th May 2020 

Carlene Jackson and Zoe England spoke to Enterprise League about how partnering has fundamentally changed the way that Cloud9 works.

“I even think competitors working together, sharing ideas and resources can be a great thing – coopetition can accelerate innovation and be a great thing for our customers and collective success.”

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Carlene offers possible solutions to remote working problems in Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly l 30th April 2020 

Carlene observes that the legal sector “is a sector that has been slow to innovate and is now paying the price. Some are viewing this crisis as a brilliant opportunity.”

Certainly some practices have been less willing to integrate technology into their processes and are missing an opportunity to become a pioneer in their industry. By overcoming fears over security and embracing digital they will be given a huge competitive advantage.

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How to Create a Winning Business Strategy

Sage Advice l 25th April 2020

Carlene Jackson speaks to Sage Advice on how to create a winning business plan in uncertain times. She reveals the secret to Cloud9’s growth despite the recession, a business model built on monthly recurring revenue, and also speaks about the importance of partnering and branding.

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Recipes for Hospitality Success in CLH News

CLH News l April 2020 

Carlene offers her top 5 tips for hospitality businesses to leverage technology in a post-COVID era. She believes: ‘You don’t need to be a big business or technological whizz to make use of your customer data – it involves some organisation, common sense, and a little bit of affordable tech.’

Jackson encourages businesses to consider partnerships and ensure that even at management level decisions are always viewed in terms of the customer and not just transactions.

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Know thy customer

FMCG CEO Magazine l April 2020

Carlene Jackson writes for FMCG CEO magazine about the importance of harnessing customer data. Using an effective CRM, such as Dynamics365, can be the difference between you and your competitors in this increasingly digitalized business landscape.

“Those who hold customer data and can provide accurate insights into what the market wants are in a powerful position. Data is the ‘new oil’ and is highly sought after.”

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Making the most of customer data

Dynamic Magazine l 26th March 2020

The huge influx in customer data available in recent years can be very daunting for businesses who aren’t technologically prepared. Carlene Jackson talks to Dynamic, a women’s business magazine, about how CRM can make your data work for you in a sustainable way to minimize lost opportunities.

“A system like Microsoft Dynamics365 gives you real visibility of your company’s interactions with customers and sales leads. Information is no longer siloed in departments or with individuals – it won’t walk out of the door when they leave.”

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Challenging the status quo of women in STEM

Authority Magazine l 11th March 2020 


Carlene Jackson speaks to authority magazine about the potential challenges of being a woman in a leadership role in the tech sector. She offers her own experience of combatting these and changes she would like to see in the workplace and education system alike to combat this.

“I look to hire people for their potential, not just their previous success. I look for ambitious people who are very collaborative and have a growth mindset.”


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International Women’s Day Feature

Silicon UK Magazine l 6th March 2020

Carlene Jackson celebrates International Women’s Day with tech magazine, Silicon UK, by show-casing how women are transforming the tech sector. Yet there is still a long way to go in the discrepancies in representation, pay and education available to younger girls.

“In the technology sector, innovation, creativity and problem solving are critical skills needed, which many women have in abundance and need help to appreciate how these strengths could help them excel in the tech sector.”

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Dyslexia as a secret weapon

Image Magazine l 6th March 2020 


Carlene Jackson writes for Image Magazine on the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace and how being dyslexic has made her a better entrepreneur, by thinking differently.

“Life is about all about overcoming challenges and, if you are dyslexic, you’re used to that. You don’t always succeed on the first attempt, so you learn perseverance.”

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Five top tips for women in tech from Carlene Jackson

Generation Tribe l 5th March 2020

Using her extensive experience of the tech sector, Carlene Jackson writes for Generation Tribe, an online space for young women, on some top tips for girls considering a career in technology.

“Women in tech should stay positive, move forward and, if occasionally you do bump into a troll, don’t allow it to slow your progress. Stand up and be a leader, I promise you’ll find that others will want to follow behind you.”

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Supporting women’s workplace mental health

The Telegraph l 3rd March 2020

The Telegraph report on women’s mental health in the workplace. From struggling to balance family life, avoiding stigma or the inability to switch off, it can be tough for women who work in tech. But Carlene Jackson writes on her steps in Cloud9 to ensure we have the infrastructure to combat its impacts.

“Organisations need to be more conscious of the financial challenges faced by employees,” she says. “Women, in particular, are less likely to ask for pay rises, so I do reviews twice a year where I am transparent about how I measure the value of roles, and make sure everyone is paid well.”

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CRM Costs

Start-Ups Magazine l 28th February 2020

Carlene Jackson speaks to Start-ups Magazine on how installing an effective CRM system is a small-price to pay for small businesses who will benefit greatly from its services. The article covers in great details a cost-breakdown of CRM software.
“Customers should see a CRM as a journey of incremental business change, planned at a pace that is culturally digestible for the business. Therefore, the ROI should be planned in a phased approach, and any ROI goals should be followed up to ensure the business has seen that return.”

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Ditch the spreadsheets if you want to grow

Your Business Magazine l March 2020

Carlene Jackson talks to Your Business Magazine about how implementing an effective CRM system can transform a business by boosting sales and strengthening customer relationships.

“Implementing a CRM system is a business change project, not a technology one.”

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Redefining the scope of the digital revolution

Platinum Business Magazine l 28th January 2020 

Carlene Jackson writes for Platinum Business Magazine, on the impact of the digital revolution on business models and careers. Jackson highlights how apprenticeships can be utilized to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of the tech sector.

“The quality of life and work life balance for our team is fantastic as we are not spending long hours commuting and therefore have more time to have fun and be with our families.”

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Rethink your business, don’t get left behind

Dynamic Magazine l 24th January 2020

Digitalisation is changing the way we conduct business in the 21st century. Carlene Jackson writes for Dynamic, a women’s business magazine, to discuss the ways in which embracing the digital can set your business ahead of its competitors.

“The challenge is how to enable business leaders to make better and more timely decisions to drive business performance and to allow customer-facing employees to have better customer insight to improve customer experiences and drive up loyalty. “

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Getting paid to learn and gain experience

The Sun l 31st January 2020

750,000 people in the UK are currently undertaking apprenticeships. National broadsheet, The Sun, writes about the exciting opportunities that apprenticeships offered by Cloud9 can allow for.

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Benefits of hiring apprentices

Capterra l 20th January 2020 

Younger workers allow access to a valuable talent pool, and at Cloud9 we are advocates for the benefits to both company and individual of taking on an apprentice. Carlene Jackson talks to Capterra, the number one software reviews provider.
“Apprenticeships play a big part in addressing the skills shortage within the tech sector. The shortage of talent is hindering companies growth as it’s hard to scale teams at a pace to match the current growth of the tech sector.” Carlene Jackson

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How to hire great staff

NatWest Business Hub l 2nd March 2020

Recruitment fraud costs the UK £23.9 bn per year. Natwest Business Hub explore the potential ways to cope with poor hires and minimize the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate through innovative recruitment processes.

Here at Cloud9 Insight: “We set role-related, competency-based tests to identify how candidates feel when asked to complete tasks outside of their comfort zone,”

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Bear and Shaska recruited to maintain company morale

The Argus l 20th January 2020

To combat January Blues, CEO Carlene Jackson brought her dogs into the office to increase the mood of all of the staff in the office, reported by local-press The Argus.

“I see staff mental health and wellbeing as my responsibility and I take it very seriously. We have created initiatives to celebrate the company culture and these become stories shared which are cherished as the company grows.”

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Using employee recognition to improve social wellbeing l 14th January 2020 

The fast-pace of Cloud9’s office does not prevent us from highlighting individual achievements. KICK meetings hosted every 6 weeks form a central part of Carlene Jackson’s project to maximise staff wellbeing, which she explains more about to

Jackson believes “It’s very important for staff to feel visible, acknowledged and also confident of their place in the business,” 

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The importance of understanding the customer journey

NDML l 2nd December 2019 

The impact of technology on hospitality and leisure services has been huge and is changing rapidly. In this piece with NDML, insurance specialists, Carlene discusses how CRM can be used to better understand the customer.

“Companies are realizing that it’s increasingly important to understand who their customers are, as well as their preferences, and to treat them as individuals. In order to do this, companies need to understand their customers’ journey”

Strong company culture is key to employee happiness

Undercover Recruiter l 2nd December 2019

Carlene Jackson spoke to Undercover Recruiter – a global employer branding and talent acquisition blog – on the importance of maintaining strong and clear company values and a positive working culture in order to maintain employee moral.
“I wish to empower and make the team’s contribution feel valued and celebrated. We proactively seek opportunities to have fun.”

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Carlene Jackson speaks on potential barriers women can face in the Tech Sector

Dynamics Magazine l 4th November 2019

Only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women, meaning many girls lack the necessary female role-models to inspire them to enter into the industry.

Carlene spoke to Dynamics – a magazine for women in business – “Women have an equal role to play as leaders and often have an advantage as they typically have great emotional intelligence. Technology is used by a diverse number of users, and those developing it need to represent this diversity.”

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Carlene Jackson is interviewed giving career advice for We Are the City

We Are The City l November 2019 

Carlene believes ‘there’s no ceiling on ambition’ regardless of who you are and previous experience in the tech sector. She also offers more advice on how to build a personal brand and what the future of the workplace looks like.

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Carlene Jackson is named as one of the Top 10 Female Tech Entrepreneurs to watch in 2020

Enterprise Management 360 l 19th November 2019 

 Carlene Jackson is named one of the Top 10 Female Tech Entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 by Enterprise Management 360.

Despite women still being vastly underrepresented in the tech sector, we are seeing more inspiring women taking up leadership roles. Click below to read more about Carlene, and other women who are pioneering in tech leadership.

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Inspirational women in Tech

Capterra l 14th November 2019 

Carlene Jackson speaks alongside 10 other inspirational women in tech to give advice to young girls thinking about a career in the tech world and dispel some common industry myths.

Alongside running Cloud9 Insight, Carlene has set up a government approved apprenticeship business Vantage Academy and as such suggests: “My advice to girls wanting to work in tech is to find a forward thinking company that helps solve world or business problems that interest you, and look to take up an apprenticeship. This will provide you with a supportive environment and a qualification to discover what your strengths are to start your career, and be paid at the same time!”

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How to maintain focus as a dyslexic CEO l 4th November 2019 

Carlene speaks to, in an article about the psychology of list-making. She believes lists are a crucial tool for her as a dyslexic entrepreneur to maintain focus and aid management of all aspects of her businesses.

As a self-confessed list-lover Carlene says: “I couldn’t imagine any dyslexic being successful in business without being madly into lists. It wouldn’t be possible.”

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Carlene Jackson speaks on neurodiversity in the workplace

IAMCP l 13th November 2019

Carlene spoke to the IAMCP, the world’s biggest association of Microsoft Partners, about her experience as a dyslexic entrepreneur.

She believes: “Creativity is about innovation, taking leaps into the dark and daring to fail; it’s about breaking rules, not following them. Many dyslexic entrepreneurs are successful because they don’t follow the rules of their industry and instead look to create completely new models which change the game for everybody.”

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Carlene Jackson prioritises playtime for employees

Irish Independent l 19th October 2019 


Carlene spoke to the Irish Independent about how she managed to cut down to 3 office days per week, whilst in the same year seeing a 60% growth in her business.

She believes that by setting an example for the rest of her team it establishes a culture of encouraging all to take time and space to think about the long-term rather than get stuck in day-to-day challenges.


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World Mental Health Day 2019

Talk Business l October 2019

Carlene spoke to Talk Business about Cloud9 Insight’s various initiatives to maximise employee well-being in the workplace and encourage a healthy work-life balance. This includes a fully-equipped kitchen in the office and a team excursion to a houseboat in Amsterdam to reevaluate company purpose.

Carlene says: As CEO, I take personal responsibility for my employees’ well-being. I wish to empower and make the teams contribution feel valued and celebrated. We proactively seek opportunities to have fun…If we can exist to make a difference beyond pure commercial gain then the world will be a better place.”

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Dyslexia as a gift in business

Brighton Magazine l 3rd October 2019 


Carlene Jackson spoke to Brighton Magazine about her experience as a dyslexic entrepreneur.  

Carlene believes: “If you’re dyslexic, you can never truly fail, because you simply accept that succeeding first time may not happen so you’re going to have to find a way around the problem.”  


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Maximising the potential of a remote workforce

HDR Connect l 24th September 2019 

At Cloud9 Insight, as a cloud-based tech company, we are well-equipped for remote working. But how do you maintain company culture and maximise productivity whilst doing so?

Carlene Jackson spoke to HDR Connect about how we use our company purpose to empower employees and ensure all remain engaged and motivated, no matter where they are working from.

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How to Empower your Team

Start-Ups Magazine l September 2019 

Carlene Jackson writes for Start-Ups Magazine about how to empower your team. From the recruitment process, to thinking about the individual’s future both professionally and personally.

A 10-year CV is a tool that we have developed at Cloud9 Insight to ensure that each team member can maximise their potential and gives the employer a greater understanding of their ideal career trajectory.

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Carlene Jackson speaks about how to create and maintain a strong company culture l 19th August 2019 

After Carlene was named one of the Top 25 SME Culture Leaders in 2019, she spoke more to Real Business about how we do it at Cloud9 Insight.

In our office we have a fully equipped kitchen and encourage employees to cook together to bond and share their cultures and hidden talents.

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Carlene Jackson named as one of About Time’s Top 10 Female Tech Entrepreneurs 2019

About Time Magazine l July 2019 

Carlene was thrilled to be named, alongside other inspirational women in the tech sector, as one of the top 10 female tech entrepreneurs of the year.

Only 15% of employees working in STEM roles in the UK are female and only 5% of leadership positions in tech are held by women.

At Cloud9 Insight, diverse teams and diverse thinking is central to how we continue to innovate in the tech sector and that would not be possible without the inspirational women in our team.

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Employees encouraged to go home on time

Daily Star l 21st June 2019 

Carlene Jackson speaks to the Daily Star about Cloud9 Insight’s ‘Go Home on Time Day’. Carlene with 3 kids: 17, 16 and 6, knows the challenges of maintaining a work and life balance so leads by example and encourages all employees to leave on time.

She says: “Businesses should focus on results not presenteeism. It really is about what people do rather than the hours they spend at work. We hire people who want to make a difference and are not just there to be seen. We make sure staff are aligned with the company purpose and what they want to achieve.”

As an award-winning business for company culture, this is central to the company purpose.

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